Burma Army at the Door

A year ago the Burma Army and the Karen government signed a cease fire agreement for Karen State. Since that time, and the lack of heavy fighting that it has brought, the Burma Army has continuously brought more battalions and soldiers into Karen State. They are building bigger roads, improving their camps (with new, very permanent looking buildings that they have not previously had in these camps), and building pagodas everywhere. If you don’t know, a pagoda is a very large and permanent symbol of Buddhism. Karen State is mostly Christian.Image

New roofing and huge, permanent buildings are going up in BA camps.

The Army is building and improving roads. This is a huge problem for people in the area. The BA has agreed not to stray from the roads (according to the cease fire agreement), but they have been known to shoot at villagers or anyone else who tries to cross a road (see reports below).



Villagers in the area are afraid of the BA presence and afraid to move around in their own state. They often can’t get to school, food, or weddings.


It doesn’t look to me like the Army is planning to leave Karen State alone.


For the full report on the Burma Army in Karen State, see below.










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