Cold Chain Burma

Last year Ewan McGregor starred in a short BBC show where he helped get vaccinations to 3 of the most remote areas of the world. We didn’t have Ewan McGregor, but this week I followed my own Cold Chain.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThere has been a measles outbreak in Karen State, so we wanted to vaccinate the children living at our medic school. But if vaccines aren’t kept cold, the protein in them will denature, making them useless. So how do you keep something cold for the two days from it leaving refrigeration to it’s destination? Pack it with ice packs and hike fast!

Screenshot_2013-02-16-20-51-05-1Upon arrival at JSMK we gathered the children as quickly as possible around our little foam cooler and its still chilly vials of DPT and MMR vaccines. Five little howls later and the kids of JSMK are more immunized than any in the surrounding villages.

We had 5 extra doses of DPT that we gave to several of the staff members who hadn’t been vaccinated against Tetanus yet.

Thanks to all of our team for making this possible and thanks to God for giving us these little ones and the means to help them stay healthy.


4 thoughts on “Cold Chain Burma

    • Our little ones are now the only kids immunized in this area. There is no refrigeration for days, hardly electricity. We have a plan, though! The wheels are turning, have been for a while. I’ll update about that next week!

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