A Heartfelt Thank You

There’s nothing like 3:30 AM Doxy heartburn (nasty side effect of anti-malaria medication) to get a girl reflecting on the week. Rather the year. 

God Is Good!

I haven’t met a missionary yet who doesn’t dread raising support. It’s an awkward, time consuming and often discouraging chore. On top of that, it’s humbling and makes you practice trusting God. Ick.

My last trip home was to raise support and tell people what I’ve been doing for the past year. It got off to a slow start. People were busy for the holidays, and I was busy with family. It was discouraging. But my resolve to do my Burma work was unshaken. 

Then I started seeing people. I was shocked by how interested and supportive my friends were. And not just because Burma is important to me, but truly interested. My heart bubble grew. More than going home to raise money, I’d been yearning for the emotional support and encouragement of friends and family, with the philosophy that I don’t need food, I’ll live off LOVE!

A funny thing happened at the end of my trip. People started donating. I got pledges for about 70% of my support each month!

God’s timing is beautiful. I was resolved in my work when I went home. Then he brought me the encouragement and emotional support of my friends and family. But I still didn’t have any money, and there was the question ‘how important is this to you? What will you give up to serve me?’ Once I’d struggled with that, God provided. My life is simple but sustainable.

Jungle Flower on Rock

Yesterday I got a report of my March support. While January and February I had almost nothing come in (again begging the question, ‘what will you sacrifice to serve me?’), in March I had twice what I was expecting, and most of my monthly supporters have signed up for direct deposit, ensuring that I’ll have grocery and rent money each month (and even donating retrospectively for the last few missed months). 

God is Good

So this is a big Thank You. Your love, prayers, and e-mails make life here a homesickless breeze. The cookies you sent with love last week are delicious. And your financial support is almost enough to buy an elephant is not just my bread and butter, but an encouragement and spiritual lesson.

My Friends

My God

Thank You


3 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Thank You

  1. This was so sweet. I’m sure that everyone who knows you delights in getting to help care for you while you care for others.

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