About A Water Buffalo

The tenuous peace agreement in Karen State has taken the heat off of the Burma government. I often hear, ‘Everything is fine in Burma now,’ ‘they opened Burma for tourism, right? It’s OK,’ ‘I thought that last year they made peace?’

Despite the continued armed conflicts in Kachin and Shan States, as well as Arakan State (between two ethnic minorities, one Buddhist and one Muslim), there are continued Human Rights violations throughout Burma.


Last month in Karen State the Burma Army shot and ate 4 buffaloes from the same village. The report says that the army doesn’t have enough food. Buffaloes are a staple of village life and agriculture, used not just for food but as tractors. The loss will have distressing results on the 3 families involved and the village.

You may leave a man alive; but if you take his livestock, his fields, his gold mine, his property, you take his future.

All is not well in Burma.


What are your thoughts?

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