My Happiest Hairdo

Today my hair is in its highest and happiest ponytail. This isn’t a ponytail of fashion or even convenience, rather a ponytail of emotion. Perched high atop my head, it gives my hair a perky swing that rivals the spring in my step.

Why this special do for this special day? I’m currently teaching at a school an hour and a half from Jungle School of Medicine; more importantly, from my Karen ‘family’ and my Karen best friend, LLP (we’ll abbreviate for privacy’s sake. Somehow giving her a western alias just sounds weird). And today I got to come to JSMK for a visit!

It’s difficult, at times heart wrenching, to have such friends a world away. I can’t call, can’t email, can’t visit. I can monthly send a note and patiently wait for my next trip to see them. This morning not so patiently. Now I’m happily settled into LLP’s house for 2 days and had the treat of watching her do some phenomenal medic-ing this afternoon.

I’ll wash my hair. I’ll even brush it. But today it’s staying in a happy ponytail.

Postscript: LLP and I just compared watches. Our watches have a 4 second difference. Maybe we’re not so far apart after all.


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