Christmas is the Time

Love, right? Isn’t that what we talk about at Christmas? Love and Family. The one time of year where people are most encouraged to stop and cherish those around them, to be selfless, to give to charity. My Facebook feed is filled with the stories and pictures of my friends and their loved ones. For me, this season is filled with the warm, fuzzy feelings of my family, but what if I didn’t have that?

The Burma government agreed as a part of the a Joint Action Plan with the United Nations to release all child soldiers by Dec. 1st. Measures are being taken, but young Burmese boys remain in the army. Even if they run away or are release, they return home as shadows of their former selves, thanks to years of brutal treatment and witnessing horrific events.

This Christmas, surround yourself with people you love. Cherish your freedom. And pray for the children of Burma.


What are your thoughts?

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