A New Year

I get just as excited about buying new notebooks and pencils for my students as for myself. A coworker commented a few weeks ago that he’d never seen anyone so thrilled to shop at ‘Costco’ (not Costco, but our equivalent). The fresh, crisp pages and store packaging represents everything about a new beginning. This year is a new change to learn something, to engage with the topic, to grow personally. Every day should be the first day of school.

Now I’m at JSMK, trying to get the year off to a good start. I can see a huge improvement in my teaching skills since last year, and consequently in the students understanding. It’s so fun and interesting thinking about how to portray these difficult concepts. I’ll keep you updated as we go.


We got an indoor washer!! Granted, the washer is still me, but with water piped our house (brand new the last few months) I can now wash my clothes in my kitchen instead of climbing down the hill to the stream!!


This is a typical Karen breakfast – rice, green veggie, spicy paste. I’ve also become quite addicted to Dogfruit, this bitter nut that really compliments the other favors! Dinner looks the same.

Yep, Sunday morning in the jungle feels pretty good.


What are your thoughts?

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