We Told Them

I arrived at camp to see a shiny new path around the last hill. And by ‘around’, I don’t really mean around.

We told them to build a path AROUND the hill. But there was ‘a rock in the way’. So this is what they did.


Not quite around, but less straight-up-I-might-die than the previous path.


Bless their Karen hearts; Karen people walk straight up mountains. If we ever manage a path around this hill, it’ll be the first level path I’ve seen in Karen state!

I’ve hear different theories. It makes sense, as villagers can easily escape up a hill and disappear into the jungle. Attacking Burma Army, with heavy packs and unconditioned for the treacherous mountains, can’t catch them.

The fact of the matter is, they pick this path. Every time. Even if it’s really steep, and there’s a switchback that makes it much easier (and, for me, faster), they’ll take the straight up route.

My own Stair Master.


What are your thoughts?

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