Is that correct? Politically, I mean.

I was going to write a post about bamboo, but that’ll have to wait, as I have something else on my mind.

One activity that keeps me entertained out here is listening to podcasts. My favorite is Missed in History from How Stuff Works. Something in the podcast has struck me recently.

At the end of each episode the hosts read letters from listeners. Often the writer is correcting or expanding upon something in an earlier episode. Recently, though, there have been a slough of letters with a small political correction. It’s usually done gently, and the host then spend several minutes explaining why they used the term they did or apologizing for the mistake. I’ve been trying to put my finger on why this makes me squirm.

What is the point of political correctness? Well, in our postmodern culture, where there are no absolute truths, the the main thing we value isn’t virtue but tolerance (after all, virtue is different for each person, right?). And political correctness has grown out of this. If you use the right terms everyone will know that you are tolerant of other people and their views.

But ‘to tolerate’ just means to put up with something. And I don’t want to simply put up with the people around me. God called me to love the people around me.

American culture makes me feel guilty, telling me that if I believe in [capital T] Truth than I must be a hater. I get sucked into this idea that I have to speak a certain way to prove that I’m a kind person. There’s nothing in there about my actions.

Now, I’m not going to cram my beliefs down anyone’s throat. I won’t argue belligerently and I’ll pick the time and place to have a discussion on a touchy subject. But what’s more important than any of that is how I live my life before God.

I don’t want to care how other people view me. I don’t want my actions to be dictated by the world’s expectations for me. I want to live a my life well. In God’s eyes.


Next time – what are they doing with that giant bamboo?


What are your thoughts?

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