Support Me

My life and work is extremely rewarding, and I’m very blessed for the opportunities and life God has given me. I’m blessed, too, to be able to bring my friends and family into that work by teaching people about Burma and helping people be involved even from far away.

Financial Support FBR is an entirely volunteer organization, so it’s great that my cost of living is, comparatively, very low. Let me give you some examples.

$4 fills my motorbike with gas, which usually lasts all week.

$1-$2 will buy a local meal. For an extra dollar I can get fried crickets for an evening snack.

$3-$5 will buy an American or European meal.

$3/week will pay for my phone.

$300 last year sent me to the beach for a week (granted, I got there by bus, ate rice, and stayed in a tiny hostel, but that’s just how I roll!)

So you see, a little bit goes a very long way. Donations are greatly appreciated. What’s even more helpful, though, is a monthly pledge. A very little bit builds up to be a very big blessing. Here are some more examples.

6 people donating $5 a month would cover my transportation, motorbike, gas, oil changes, and repairs.

5-10 people donating $5 a month would cover all my visa and immigration costs.

10 people donating $12 a month would pay for my half of a two bedroom, two story apartment with a kitchen.

6 people donating $20 a month would pay for my language lessons (I’ve learned that the fastest way to be accepted in a culture is speak the language).

5 people donating $50 a month will pay for my elephant. OK, I’m kidding. But if I wasn’t, that would be awesome!

Overall my goal is to raise $900-$1000 per month to cover my living expenses while abroad. I’m still short of that goal, so any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

~If you’re interested in making a tax deductible monthly pledge with a automatic withdrawal from your account, e-mail me and I can help you set that up.

~If you would like to make a one time tax deductible donation to support me, you can do that through Earth Mission. Under Earth Mission Staff Support you’ll see ‘Katie,’ click that and make a donation.

~If you would like to support me but aren’t interested in tax deduction, e-mail me and we can set something up straight through my bank.

Emotional Support The greatest support someone can give is to hear the story of the people of Burma. One of the most important things that FBR does is interview people who are suffering in Burma, hear their stories, share their burdens, and bring that news to the world. They know that they are not alone. Similarly it is very meaningful for me to tell my stories and know that my family and friends back home are sharing in the sorrows and joys of this work.

Pray for our friends in Burma. Pray for our Rangers. Pray for me.

And every once in a while shoot me an e-mail. I promise it will encourage me and brighten my day. Tell me about yourself so I can share in your life as you share in mine.

Thank You


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